My First Week Back

I have been officially back to work for a full week.  My students started on Monday and I think this was the most unorganized I have been starting the year.  I usually will go into my classroom at least two weeks before school starts and get it ready.  However, this year I attended Twitter Math Camp in the week prior to returning.  It was worth the disorganization to the beginning of the school year!! I will write more about that at a later time (I hope).

Now, when I say I have started the year a little disorganized I do not mean as far as lessons and students go.  My room is a different story; I don’t have my agenda board done, I still have posters that I created that are waiting to be hung up, and I still need to pick up a toilet plunger for a bathroom pass. (I had to find something that they didn’t want to wander around campus with!)

To add to my chaotic beginning I have just over 180 students right now.  Ugh.  At my school we have 6 periods so we each teach 5.  Yes, that’s right, 180 students in 5 classes!!  Here is how it breaks down – 2 classes of Honors Alg 2 with 44 students each, an Alg 1 class with 45 students, A co-taught TAG Alg 1 (all students with an IEP) with 16, and a Co-taught Alg 1 (a mix of gen ed and IEP students) with 33. Now, these numbers are especially large and the school is trying to do something about it.  The problem is that they need to wait until we are 10 days in to make a final determination about hiring another FTE or not.  I will say that all but 1 or 2 of my students have been showing up!

Here is what we have done our first 3 days:

Our first unit is on Statistics.  I decided that we would spend our first week gathering data.  I wanted to find a way to gather data that they would care about. What do they care about? Themselves!  We started with categorical data.  Each student took a version of the MBTI and a Multiple Intelligences quiz.  We are now starting to put the class data into graphs that we can analyze.  Here is how my regular Alg 1 class broke down on the multiple intelligences quiz. We only used their top score to create the following dot plot  (notice there are 44 dots).


Looks like I am going to need to try to incorporate some music into math this year! They love learning about themselves and I love that I can tie it into my curriculum.  We will be starting our interactive notebooks today – wish me luck!


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  1. Give me a list and some cash and I’ll get your supplies! I love that you started the year with gathering info about themselves! Music will be a nice add in…. Good luck withe the numbers! Hope you get some dropouts….

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